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Inner Strength is a Mixed Martial Arts school located in Leechburg, PA. We specialize in styles from everywhere from Brazil to China. We welcome students from the Western PA area, who are looking for a martial arts school or to augment their martial arts training through our unique specialty programs.

We teach ground fighting and Chinese internal martial arts. We offer specialty classes in  Practical Self Defense as well as Qigong and Taichi.

Teaching Mixed Martial arts for longer than anyone else in the Pittsburgh area, our marital arts school is focused on discipline and confidence, and learning moves that really work.

Whether you want to learn MMA like in the UFC and WEC, or want to tone and train your body, our martial arts program could be just want you are looking for.

Executive Director: Dr. Ted J. Cibik, PhD.

Our Executive Director and founder Dr. Ted Cibik has been a continuous student and teacher of martial arts since 1965, with black belts in three systems, and upper belt ranking in a variety of styles. He holds a PhD in Martial Arts Movement Kinesiology and is a Chinese medicine physician and Taoist Priest. He has searched the country seeking specialty martial arts knowledge that is not available elsewhere in the area.

Here at Inner Strength we also have a Health and Wellness facility that specializes in Chinese and naturopathic medicine. Dr Cibik runs his clinic services here during the day, and operates an education center in Medical Qigong certification on the weekends. He is the instructor for internal martial arts, and the meditation and taiji classes.



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